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VSPE (Virtual Serial Port Emulator) is a software which provides us the utility to access multiple com ports on the same PC. We can create new serial ports virtually and can connect them as we want. For example I can create 2 serial COM ports and if I pair them then they will be connected with each other. So that I can run two applications . communicating with each other using different com. The section on VSPE has additional information. A new section, Troubleshooting Tips, has been added. The download link is the same as above. 73 de Erik. The administrator has disabled public write access. The following user(s) said Thank You: Anti, Is0cak. User Manual Addendum 02 Feb 2017 14:31 #6. g0cgl; NOW ONLINE; Erik EI4KF / G0CGL Posts: 890; Thank you received: 354; The User Manual. Use of multiple cat's software simultaniously by using Virtual Serial Port Emulator from Eterlogic and my Flex 5000A . Best view full screen with 1080p

Virtual Serial port Emulator used to create virtual port to forward the serial data through TCP port VSPE, virtual serial ports emulator, will get you going on FSK without a CI-V cable when you use the Icom 7300. Take a look at the end of the video for RTTY. User Manual v1.40.1 Overview SDRuno is an advanced Software Defined Radio application platform which is optimized for use with SDRplay range of Radio Spectrum Processing receivers. This means that the specific features of a particular SDRplay RSP receiver model are enabled automatically within SDRuno About us. Geekvape was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Our mission is to be the most reputable vape company in all parts of the world

This is tutorial for creating virtual serial port on your pc. You can communicate between two serial ports. This is very useful for simulation of electronic circuits in software like proteus. Thank you for choosing Vaporesso Products! Please read this manual carefully to ensure proper use. For additional information or questions regarding to this product or its use, please visit www.vaporesso.com Main features Revolutionary triangular air flow producing a smoother, denser cloud. Unique Isolation Structure, allowing consistent, intense flavors with every puff Icom 7300, one USB cable, VSPE and operating RTTY (FSK) mode in WinWarbler. RTTY is a fun mode and I really enjoy it. I hope to get others interested in RTTY. Links mentioned in video: Icom 7300. Visual Spec has been designed with Visual Basic 6.0 - It has been tested on Vista, Wi7, W10, including 64bits. For W95 & W98 click here. Visual Spec is a free software, enjoy it Manual made by PC4U, The Netherlands , pc4u@amsat.org Pag 1 PMSDR (you don't need the switchboard plug- in!) FT1000mp Soundcard for the PMSDR (I use the EMU 0202 USB) WinradHD ( now called HDSDR) Omnirig Cat software (A COM component for transceiver/receiver CAT control) VSPE ( virtual serial ports emulator) Hamradio deluxe ( version 5.0 build 2837 (always use the last one)) Tweak UI (This.

*Keep the user manual for future reference. Aegis Legend Overview. Aegis legend Kit Product Feature. Advanced AS chipset powers up to 200W with colored display screen. IP67 water resistant, able to withstand immersion for up 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter. Shock resistant , able to withstand natural drop from up to 2 meter high. Dual 18650 battery compatible. Dust resistant (IP67. VSP Manager (VSPM) is a software program that creates serial port pairs which allows software programs to talk to each other using Cat commands.. Notes: VSPM *DOES NOT* allow port splitting which is defined as allowing multiple programs to connect to one source (radio). If you need port splitting try VSPE.; Do not use an email address that can't receive return email (Outlook.com)

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Millers VSPe PowerPlus Multishot. The Millers VSPe PowerPlus Multishot is an all in one petrol fuel treatment providing ethanol protection, lead replacement and an octane improver dependent on selected fuel quality. Recommended for all classic engines previously requiring leaded fuel and now running on unleaded fuel. One bottle treats 10 tanks, based on 50L tank size O VSPE nos ajuda a testar o software do Sistema de Informações Geográficas com um emulador GPS virtual para ver como ele reagiria a um resultado de um navegador GPS real. Bjørn Krangnes. Mr Seely, CEO da Advantage Software; 5; Os drivers da Eltima são outra coisa! Eles são fáceis de instalar e operar, e apresentam um bom desempenho consistente em diferentes versões do Windows com as.

1 x User Manual Spare Parts Alien 220 mod is fashionable and cool. External battery can be charged by Micro-USB port, it also supports firmware upgrade. Max output power can up to 220W, which provides you with massive cloud of vapor. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience! Warranty Alien Warranty Period: 6 Months from the Purchase Date. Within the 6 Months, some items may not be. In addition to the User Manual of Visual Spec, the tutorials are a step-by-step description through screen capture of various operations in Visual Spec Get a tutorial in italian by Fulvio Mete Tutorial in flas Aside from the Caliburn being a draw activated device, it also features manual firing using a button! You know, in case your sensor craps out, usually due to flooding. Simply press and hold the button while inhaling. Release the button when done! How to clean the Caliburn. Sometimes you are trying to take a drag and notice that you are not getting any vapor. Don't worry, theres probably a.

Remote device properties are set according to its manual (e.g. via the Hercules utility in case of HW group products). Log files enabled Logs all communication to a .log file. Create VSP Port at HW VSP startup If this box is checked, all virtual ports are recreated when HW VSP is started. TCP Server Mode Activates VSP as a TCP/IP server. The driver then behaves as a TCP Client/Server device. It has been requested/suggested that you read & understand the Manual & the Addendum which go into great detail about how to set up VSPE and other things. I have concluded that maybe an SDR radio with the flexibility offered by the MB1 is perhaps too much for you. I recommend you try an Icom7300 next time 73 Ray G3XLG The administrator has disabled public write access. Issues With VSPE Program.

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  1. VSPE is intended to help software engineers and developers to create/debug/test applications that use serial ports. It is able to create various virtual devices to transmit/receive data. Unlike regular serial ports, virtual devices have special capabilities: for example, the same device can be opened more than once by different applications, that can be useful in many cases. You may want to.
  2. (wenn nicht, steht so etwas im Service Manual, dass du hoffentlich auch gleich mit dem Kauf vom Händler bekommen hast) 2.ein Full Reset (nicht das Werksreset!) machen (steht auch im Handbuch). Dabei werden ALLE Speicher und Einstellungen gelöscht....(ausser die welche im Service Menü stehen) 3.Notfalls frage telefonisch mal den Kundenservice von Yaesu (Garant Funk, Wimo oder Difona.
  3. Good afternoon, I have downloaded and reading the great user manual addendum. On page 9 of the addendum steps are given so you can have VSPE start with windows. It works great BUT I also have a window that shows up with the command prompt line that was used to setup the VSPE auto start with windows. The wording in the window is as follows: C:\Windows\system32>C:\config.vspe Is there anyway of.
  4. Virtual serial ports emulator project: VSPE. Thank you for using Eterlogic.com products ! See also: General descriptio
  5. Kompakter Spannungsregler für alle Lichtmaschinen mit 12Volt. Der Regler liefert Wechselstrom und optional auch Gleichstrom. Somit ist er nicht nur der perfekte und zuverlässige Ersatz für alle herkömmlichen Spannungsregler, er ermöglicht auch eine zeitgemäße Erweiterung des vorhandenen Bordnetzes

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Null-modem emulator (com0com) The Null-modem emulator is an open source kernel-mode virtual serial port driver for Windows, available freely under GPL license Smoant is an integrative high-tech manufacturer specializing in the production, development,research and marketing of sub-ohm tanks and APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizer), Our main goal is to satisfy all kinds of vapers including Cloud chasers , Flavors chasers ,Tootle Puffers, Mod womper

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250C. Lost Vape, Anbieter hochwertigster Box Mods und Akkuträger, hat bereits vor einiger Zeit die Paranormal auf den Markt gebracht Otherwise VSPE won't find the source COM port. You will have to run VSPE manually by clicking in the desktop icon. Best 73 Jordi, EA3GCV Current developer of Swisslog. Find. Reply. 14-06-2018, 03:52 PM, #4. ct1bxx Member: Posts: 60 Threads: 18 Joined: Jul 2016 Reputation: 0: RE: Batch File . Hello Dear friends: Erik and Jordi Many thanks for your comments. Excellent help later at home I wil do. This is the manual written for the original version of Winrad. This may be very useful for new users of this type of software. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to develop the software AND write a user manual. However, we welcome, and are grateful for any contributions made by volunteers. Q: Why there are two different frequencies (LO / Tune) ? A: The LO frequency represents the SDR. Your new best friend. The battery-powered CRAFTY+ is, without a doubt, the perfect companion on the go. While the CRAFTY+'s factory settings are already optimal for immediate use, the Remote Control App for Android allows to set various settings according to personal preferences. 30% faster heat-up New, slick design for optimized grip and feel Improved housing material Super-Boost: Triple.

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  1. The latest KangerTech EVOD 650 mAh manual battery. With 650 mAh capacity, you can vape for 6 hours! Parameter: Capacity: 650 mAh Sealed battery. One full-charged new battery can support about 6 hours vaping. Constant Voltage: 3.8V +/- 0.2V: Battery length: 80mm: Battery diameter: 15mm: Package: Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory,the packing is subject to change without notice.
  2. The problem is to start VSPE with it's COM port configuration file then ExpertSDR2 at windows Startup. First of all, MB1 ExpertSDR2 + VSPE can only be completely automated if you register VSPE for 64bits otherwise you will have to click NOon dialog boxes during VSPE opening so the starting will not be 100% automated. First of all you need to be on a current MB1 Windows 10 session
  3. MixW 3 - Einzige Multimode-Software mit deutscher Oberfläche::.: MixW beherrscht eine Vielzahl von Betriebsarten wie RTTY, Wetterfax, CW, SSB, SSTV, PSK 250 u.a. und unterstützt CAT aller modernen Transceiver
  4. PowerSDR KE9NS v2.8.0 software download (for Flex-1500, Flex-3000, and Flex-5000 models
  5. Logic 9 (logging and dx spotting) > TRX-Manager > VSPE COM7 > COM3 (REAL) > TS590SG Any change on the Rig VFO shows up on TRX Manager.Any Change in Logic 9 changes TRX, which changes the radio. At this point only 1 of two COM7's is in use. Also have HDSDR sofware to run the SDRplay. It does rig control via Omni-Rig, which I have set to the other COM7. At this point if I hit a DX Spot in.

Docklight Manual: Docklight User Manual in PDF format (951 KB) Docklight Scripting Manual: Docklight Scripting User Manual in PDF format (1.4 MB) Docklight Pro Monitor Manual: Docklight Pro Monitor User Manual in PDF format (1.9 MB) Docklight Tap: Docklight Tap Product Sheet in PDF format (129 KB) Docklight Tap Pro : Docklight Tap Pro Product Sheet in PDF format (179 KB) Docklight Tap 485. Download Null-modem emulator for free. The virtual serial port driver for Windows. The Null-modem emulator (com0com) is a kernel-mode virtual serial port driver for Windows. You can create an unlimited number of virtual COM port pairs and use any pair to connect one COM port based application to another High resolution World Map software for Amateur Radio. Geographic and Azimuthal projection, Ham prefix and QTH lookup, CQ and ITU Zones HTerm is a terminal program for Windows that allows in- and output in different number system

All documentation: the user manual, tutorials, examples, and lecture notes you will find on our wiki. VASP Support Forum. Our main support channel is a forum. Everybody is welcome to have a look, but posting questions and answers is reserved for licensed user only. VASP News. New features and releases, bugfixes, highlighted papers, and more. The VASP team. Who we are and how we may be reached. Best resource for cheap vaping. Vape deals, coupons, sales and discounts on e-cigarettes, mods, box mods, e-liquid, e-juice, electronic cigarette, starter kits, coils, tanks, atomizers and much mor but after reading the VRINSIGHT section of the fsuipc manual I purchased the VSPE which seems the ideal software for interfacing. Well VSPE is not the solution, it is just the means of interjecting FSUIPC control between the M-Panel and SerialFP2. VSPE enables the line of communication between the M-Panel and SerialFP2 to be routed via FSUIPC's facilities -- yes, including Lua capabilities. Discover Vaporesso's e cigarette starter kits or see our top-rated vaping kits for more advanced users. Everything you need to vape to a pro standard Millers VSPe Power Plus Fuel Treatment at Halfords. Bike related chat. LC / YPVS & 500 Chat. 80LC & 125LC chat. For Sale 50, 80 & 125cc Bikes or parts. Wanted 50, 80& 125cc Bikes or parts . Air Cooled RD's . Any other 2 stroke's. Honda . Suzuki. Kawasaki. Other Yamaha's. Italian & Others. The Outcasts Diesel Den . Restorations. Restorations Page , Hybrids Or Standard . Finished Hybrid and.

The world's most popular vapor brand. From gettings start kits to ultimate and flavor taste tanks to cloud beast ones, customize your vaping life with SMOK Store Free Serial Analyzer Features. Free Serial Port Analyzer is able to capture and decode monitored packets in real-time even under high traffic load. This Freeware Serial Port Monitor supports all standard Bit rates of 75, 110, 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 and 115200 bit/s Best online vape shop in usa, stock cheap vape kits, mods, vape juice, e cigarette, e-liquids including vapordna, element vape, direct vapor, misthub, our vapor store and products such as the SMOK Alien Kits, the Wismec Reux Tanks, the iJoy EXO RBAs, and many more Manual. Following manuals are available. These manuals are the latest contents. New feature not including the release version will be written. However, a user can check next version contents. Tera Term developer can preliminarily respond the user request. Tera Term Help Index; MACRO for Tera Term ; Support. Please report bugs to Bugs of Ticket. If you have a request to Tera Term, please post.

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I just bought what was described as a lightly used Perseus, serial number 04795. It came with a USB cable, 5v power supply, and a CD-ROM containing software including Perseus v 4.1a The User Manual Addendum is now at version 1. 1 en español Ya está disponible para su descarga el manual de ayuda de Multi, completamente traducido a la ultima versión, la 4. Anyone else using 31 with usb cable from ICOM 7100 I was the same , and wanted to set up the IC- 7100 with HAMRADIO DELUXE, until I found the right settings instruction manual is huge, but 1. when you try to.

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