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Top Jobs aus zahlreichen Jobportalen mit Merkliste und Job-Alarm Funktion. Jetzt aktuelle Jobs und Lehrstellen in der Region finden Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪& Cheese‬! Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay Baek In Ho is the second male lead of the webtoon. He serves to reveal Yoo Jung's past and give an example of Jung's misunderstood intentions. His parents died in a car accident when he was little, leaving him and his sister Baek In Ha to be adopted by his Grandfather, a good friend of Yoo Jung's father. After his grandfather died, his aunt became their guardian. They were physically abused.

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In Ha is Baek In Ho's older sister, Yoo Jung's childhood friend. She has a troubled relationship with her brother due to their past, and a long term crush on Jung. Tends to act aggressive, and does not hesitate to use violence when she finds necessary. She is also known to bully Jung's girlfriends since their childhood. Her parents died in a car accident when she was little, leading her and. I ship Seo Kangjoon with Kim Goeun! They're so cute! And again, i have second lead syndromeㅜㅜ Thankyou for watching Cheese in the Trap ist ein südkoreanischer Film von Kim Je-yeong aus dem Jahr 2018. Der Film basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Webtoon und wurde 2016 schon als Fernsehserie adaptiert. Park Hae-jin, der bereits in der Fernsehserie die Hauptrolle spielte, nahm diese auch für den Film ein. Die weiteren Rollen wurden unterschiedlich besetzt Cheese In The Trap - Baek In Ho Give me a month. And I'll thrown my feeling away - Duration: 4:14. Putri Septiandari 33,841 views. 4:14 [FMV] Baek In Ho x Hong Seol | Cheese In The Trap. Baek In-ho and Baek In-ha are said to have western-look in the webtoon version. In the drama version, Baek In-ho looks like a Japanese with a little bit of western touch, while Baek In-ha is actually a total Korean face. For the people who have read the webtoon version first, it must have been a little bit disappointing when they realized the choice of actors and actresses for the characters.

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  1. g began September, 2015. Ep.11 and ep.12 of Cheese in the Trap will not air February 8th and February 9th due to Lunar New Year's Holiday in South Korea
  2. Cheese In The Trap - Baek In Ho Give me a month. And I'll thrown my feeling away - Duration: 4:14. Putri Septiandari 34,878 views. 4:14 [치즈인더트랩 OST] 티어라이너 - 이끌림.
  3. Cheese In The Trap [ Baek In ha mocking Baek In ho ] - Duration: 1:01. Farissha Abdullah 42,893 views. 1:01 . Weightlifting fairy- SWAG couple: Lee Sung Kyung & Nam Joo Hyuk (BTS sweet moments.
  4. e von Cheese in the Trap im TV. Für Cheese in the Trap stehen noch keine Sendeter
  5. Cheese in the Trap. 2016 12 1 Staffel K-Dramen. In dieser Serienverfilmung des beliebten Webtoons erregt eine mittellose Studentin die Aufmerksamkeit eines wohlhabenden Kommilitonen, der jedoch eine dunkle Seite hat. Mit: Park Hae-Jin,Kim Go-eun,Seo Kang-jun. Ansehen, so viel Sie wollen. JETZT MITGLIED WERDEN. Folgen Cheese in the Trap. Staffel 1. Erscheinungsjahr: 2016. In dieser.

Baek In Ho/Hong Seol; Baek In Ho; Hong Seol; Side Story; Alternative Perspective; Hurt/Comfort; Summary. Мелодия может заворожить, закрутить в бешеном танце и погрузить в мир музыки с головой. А может объединить, казалось бы, совершенно. drama: cheese in the trap song: can i exist - missio - Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for..

Cheese in the Trap ending on a happy note except for Park Hae-jin and Kim Go-eun. On the final episode of the tvN drama Cheese in the Trap, Yoo Jeong (Park Hae-jin) left Hong Seol for a while because he thought she was getting hurt because of him and then came back.. Yoo Jeong apologized for not having been able to be in contact. Hong Seol said, As a result, that is an accident so we. Cheese in the Trap is a Korean Web Comic by Soon Ki. Hong Sul is an ordinary college student. Yoo Jung is the most popular upperclassman. He's good looking, rich, smart and even nice. However, Sul thinks there's more to Jung than meets the eye Cheese in the Trap (2016) Details; Episode Guide; Cast; Reviews; Recommendations; Photos; Edit this Page. Edit Information . Primary Details Cover Image Related Titles Cast Crew Genres Tags Release Information Production Information. Report. Director. Lee Yoon Jung. Screenwriter. Kim Nam Hee. Main Role. Kim Go Eun. Hong Seol. Main Role. Park Hae Jin. Yoo Jung. Main Role. Seo Kang Joon. Baek In. Hong Seol is the main protagonist in the Cheese in the Trap series. She is the oldest daughter in her family and also the most hardworking. She has been independent her whole life, never needing to rely on anyone. That is until she met Yu Jung, a senior that goes to her college. Their relationship starts off on the wrong foot but as the story develops, so does their relationship. Seol felt as.

[Korean Drama] Cheese in the Trap Cheese In The Trap. Ori gin al: 치즈인더트랩 Country: Korea Erscheinungsjahr: 2016 Sender: tvN Episoden: 16 (ca. 60 Min.) Genre: Romantik, Dramatik, Comedy, Schule Setting: Gegenwart-----Park Hae Jin as Yoo Jung. Kim Go Eun as Hong Seol. Seo Kang Joon as Baek In Ho. Lee Sung Kyung as Baek In Ha. Nam Joo Hyuk as Kwon Eun Taek. Park Min Ji as Jang Bo Ra. Inho Baek. Inho and Jung are revealed to be childhood friends. Brought in by Jung's father in his attempt to rid Jung of his oddness, Inho tried to befriend Jung. Although contrasting in personality, Inho and Jung were close in high school-along with Inha Baek, Inho's sister. The trio would hang out at break, stick up for each other, and. What will Seol do when she gets caught between the attentions of the mysterious Jung and his estranged friend, Baek In Ho (Seo Kang Joon)? Cheese in the Trap is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Yoon Jung. It is based on a webtoon written by Soon Ggi. This series marks the television debut for film actress Kim Go Eun

Cheese in the Trap . 치즈 인 더 트랩 / Chijeu In Deo Teuraeb. Hong Seol jest biedną studentką. To nieco nieśmiała, ale i bardzo uczynna dziewczyna, co inni dość często wykorzystują. Yoo Jung pochodzi z bogatej rodziny i jest bardzo popularny. Nie dość, że to bardzo przystojny mężczyzna, to w dodatku jest miły, pomocny i świetnie się uczy. Właśnie dlatego wszyscy do. Cheese In The Trap Christina Schieferdecker 1. August 2017 Leave a comment. Inhalt: Folgen: Bewertungen: Streaming: Ersatz-Trailer: Beschreibung: Besetzung: Folge 1: Webtoon; Folgen: 16 Folgen, jeweils etwa 60 min. Bewertungen: IMDb: 7,4 AsianWiki: 89 JustWatch: 80%. Streaming: Netflix, Viki, YouTube (in hervorragender Qualität mit englischen Untertiteln) Ersatz-Trailer: Leider habe ich. Baek In Ho is played by actor Seo Kang Joon (member of the actor group 5urprise). This dude is your second lead. He plays the seemingly violent bad boy/thug type of character. He and his twin sister In Ha have a past with Jung and his family. They were basically taken in because their grandfather and Jung's dad were well acquainted. In Ho was arrogant, mean, and a piano prodigy. He. HI :) I fell in love with this drama.from the cast to the story line, all fit it in together. They are all just natural. Superb acting..... it's making m..

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most attractive male character: baek in ho (cheese in the trap) kimseokjinins . Follow. Unfollow. gif request meme cheese in the trap citt baek in ho seo kang joon my edits kdrama kdramaedit 1k. 3,521 notes . Reblog. 4 So stop acting like someone who's given up on life. lonexsamurai . Follow. Unfollow. seo kang jun seo kang joon lee sung kyung baek in ho baek in ha cheese in the. Cheese in the Trap. 2016 TV-14 1 Season Korean TV Shows. In this adaptation of a popular webtoon, a poor student trying to navigate college life gains the attention of a wealthy upperclassman with a dark side. Starring: Park Hae-Jin, Kim Go-eun, Seo Kang-jun. Watch all you want for free. TRY 30 DAYS FREE. Episodes Cheese in the Trap. Season 1. Release year: 2016. In this adaptation of a. #cheese in the trap #baek in ho #baek in ha #lee hyun woo #lee sung kyung #치즈 인 더 트랩 #서강준 #이성경 #korean #south korea #korean drama #korean gif #kdrama. 516 notes. mittelan. #cheese in the trap #baek in ho #citt #soon ki #korean webtoon #i reread this comic waaay too much. 530 notes. heartou. #cheese in the trap #seo kang joon #baek in ho #i'm in love with his character #. Cheese in the Trap (en hangul, 치즈인더트랩; romanización revisada del coreano, Chijeuindeotraep), es una serie de televisión surcoreana emitida durante 2016 basada en el webtoon del mismo nombre creado por Soonkki, el cual fue serializado en Naver.La serie narra el interés de un inteligente chico en una esforzada y a veces torpe joven de cabello pelirrojo, teniendo como fondo el. Hong Seol Should have ended up with Baek In Ho. Originally posted by onesoohyukpls. He is the guy. He buys her all these self defence tools so she is safe when he is not around and not harassed by her stalker. He fights the stalker immediately when he sees her being tormented by him rather than waiting to play mind games with him like Yoo Sunbae. He makes her laugh and has real conversations.

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Cheese in the Trap is not your typical romantic drama but it is a love story and it's intense. This drama is pretty complex. The male lead is VERY complex, so you have to watch this with no expectations and just let the PD and the writers tell you a story. A story with relatable situations and no typical kdrama antics Cheese In The Trap TV series was starred by Park Hae-jin as Yoo Jung, Kim Go-eun as Hong Seol, Seo Kang-joon as Baek In-ho, and Lee Sung-kyung as Baek In-ha. These top actors and actress displayed their acting skills in their role very well

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  1. e InHo instead!! Seol has Jeong already!! ^^ #fandrea
  2. Fictional Character guide for Baek In Ho from Cheese in the Trap, you can find out about their biography, filmography, pictures and episode appearances
  3. Seo Kang Joon as Baek In Ho Yoo Je Gun (유제건) as young Baek In Ho Lee Sung Kyung as Baek In Ha Lee Na Yoon as young Baek In Ha Nam Joo Hyuk as Kwon Eun Taek Park Min Ji as Jang Bo Ra. Download Drama Korea Cheese in the Trap. Info Video: DRAKOR360P.COM. 360p: Format .mp4 (HARDSUBS INDO) Encoder: 360p @ DRAKOR360P. Episode 1-16 EN

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But can we have a brief sequel for Baek In-Ho? I finished reading Cheese In The Trap back in 2017 (I think it's done in Indonesia around that time). And I just realized that the K-Drama is on Netflix, so I watched it. After watching it, I realize there are some differences (of course) but my point is Baek In-Ho needs more clarity! Or I want to see that he got his own happy ending. Like. Apr 3, 2016 - Cheese In The Trap Fashion. See more ideas about Cheese in the trap, Kim go eun, Fashion

I know some fans of the comic didn't like how big of a character Baek in ho was, but I personally loved him, and was right pissed when he and Seol didn't end up together. So I actually never watched the last episode because I was too mad. But cheer up, Park Hae Jin plays better, more like-able characters in his other dramas. Try watching Doctor Stranger or Man to Man to rinse out the. Cheese in the Trap. 2016 13+ 1 Season TV Shows. In this adaptation of a popular webtoon, a poor student trying to navigate college life gains the attention of a wealthy upperclassman with a dark side. Starring: Park Hae-Jin, Kim Go-eun, Seo Kang-jun. Watch all you want. JOIN NOW. Episodes Cheese in the Trap. Season 1. Release year: 2016. In this adaptation of a popular webtoon, a poor student. Baek In Ho has lived all his life in Korea, so his Korean must be on native level without any accent. Thus it's pretty hard to find fitting actor with enough acting skill for his role if we're looking for any mixed people, especially considering In Ho role is pretty dominant in this drama. He's 2nd male lead after all. So I guess it's more possible to cast someone full Korean whose features.

Çok sevdiklerimden Cheese in the Trap<33 Baek In Ho'ya çok üzülmüştüm ben de ama yine de Yoo Jung taraftarıyım :D Kendisine ya da sevdiklerine bulaşılmadığı sürece gayet sakin bir beydi bence :D Bloga uzun zamandır girmemiştim ve girince de bu yazıyla karşılaşmak mutlu etti<3 Ellerine sağlık İlkay :))) Yanıtlayın Si Lee Sung-Kyunk (Baek In-ha): En el 2016 se unió a la producción de cheese in the trap, dónde interpreta a Baek in-ha hermana de Baek in-ho, actúa como una completa loca psicópata, es una persona cuyos sueños fueron destruidos y por eso se da por vencida lo único que hace es pedir dinero y hacer compras absurdas

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Baek In-ho, Baek In-ha, and Yoo Jung. What I gathered from the show was that they had a falling out because Jung overheard In-ho say some mean things about him. I felt like In-ho said what he did because he was jealous that Jung was getting close to that random piano student On February 2, a source from Park Ki Woong's agency stated, Park Ki Woong has recently been offered the role of Baek In Ho in the film 'Cheese in the Trap.' The source further explained. Cheese in the Trap. 2016 13+ 1 Staffel K-Dramen. In dieser Serienverfilmung des beliebten Webtoons erregt eine mittellose Studentin die Aufmerksamkeit eines wohlhabenden Kommilitonen, der jedoch eine dunkle Seite hat. Mit: Park Hae-Jin,Kim Go-eun,Seo Kang-jun. Kostenlos Inhalte ansehen, so viel Sie wollen. 30 TAGE KOSTENLOS AUSPROBIEREN. Folgen Cheese in the Trap. Staffel 1. Erscheinungsjahr. Baek In-ho (Cheese in the trap) On episode 9 and Idk what it is and what it is not but all I know is I am simping so hard for In-ho, like gosh the first time in a long while I am not rooting for the lead guy at all like no matter what good he does or not... BAEK IN-HO is the one for me in this kdrama 0 comment

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  1. Baek In-Ho「Cheese in the Trap」. 61 likes. แพค อินโฮ Cheese in the Trap
  2. gly perfect Yoo Jung, the thoughtful Hong Seol, and the char
  3. Watch in HD Team BAek In-Ho. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queu
  4. Yon Jung , Baek ın Ho ve kız kardeşi eskiden aynı evi paylaşmış kardeş gibi büyümüşler Yoon Jung babası Baek In Ho ve kardeşine sahip çıkmıştır. ama In Ho lisede geçirdiği kazadan Yoon Jung sorumlu tutar onun karalık tarafını görenlerdendir o da

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  1. Directed by Je-Yeong Kim. With Deok-hyeon Jo, Hyun-Jin Kim, Hye-mi Na, Jong-Hyuk Oh. Hong Seol is an ordinary university student. She is busy working part-time jobs to pay for her tuition fee and living expenses. Yoo Jung is her senior at the same university. He seems perfect. He comes from a wealthy family, he has a kind attitude to others and he is handsome, but Hong Seol does not feel.
  2. It did have some great acting by Seo Kang Joon who played Baek In Ho and I actually find that some of the supporting characters had excellent acting such as Yoon Ji Won who played Son Min Soo, Hong Seol's follower (not to be confused with her stalker) and Ji Yoon Ho who played Oh Young Gon. I think Kim Go Eun who played Hong Seol was promising too. Cheese In the Trap is worth checking out.
  3. cheese in the trap in ho < > Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View.
  4. Cheese in the Trap ist eine Drama aus dem Jahr 2016 mit Hae-Jin Park und Go-eun Kim.. Cheese in the Trap erzählt von einer Studentin, die es lernen muss, sich an der Universität zu behaupte
  5. Cheese in the Trap Título: 치즈 인 더 트랩 / chiju in deo teu raeb Título... en inglés: Cheese in the Trap Género: Romance, Drama, Comedia Episodios: 16 + 1 especial Sinopsis Hong Seol es una trabajadora a tiempo parcial que decide volver a la universidad después de tomarse un año de receso obligado debido a la pobreza de su familia. . Yoo Jung, un joven mayor que Hong Seol, es.
  6. The latest episodes of Cheese in the Trap have drawn ire from fans, as the focus shifts away from Yoo Jung and onto Baek In Ho. One of the most popular dramas currently running, Cheese in the Trap follows an ambitious university student named Hong Seol. She falls for Yoo Jung, a volatile character who, up until now, has been exploring a new.

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  1. Cheese in the trap: Baek In Ho . Winkonxdrama 02/18/16 . 122. 33. Cheese in the trap is definitely a must watch drama! It's so good, is mysterious and refreshing at the same times. It makes you go on an emotional rollercoaster ride too. And once again, im suffering from second male lead syndrome... Like i cant even.... :cry: :cry: Jung is really great and all but i really really ship In Ho and.
  2. Cheese in the Trap kannte ich schon als Webtoon und war wirklich erfreut darüber, dass er verfilmt wird. Spannung und Cliffhänger am Ende einer Folge die du meinst, sind übrigens Gang und Gäbe in K-Dramen x-D Ich glaube ohne, würden sie gar nicht so erfolgreich sein. Sie zwingen einen regelrecht, immer dran zu bleiben und weiterzuschauen. Morgen und Übermorgen müssten die nächsten.
  3. Her label Fly Up Entertainment said on February 17, Yoon In Young is currently in the final negotiation stages of appearing in 'Cheese in the Trap' as Baek In Ha. Baek In Ha, the older sister of Baek In Ho, is a character who has a one-sided love for Yoo Jung
  4. d? . Seo Kang Joon as Baek In Ho Source
  5. At last I can take breath I just completed making a MV on Hong Seol and Baek In-ho :) Seo kang joon Is about to strike a big 2nd lead syndrome in this year..
  6. Cheese in the Trap (Korean adaptation) Baek In Ha and Baek In Ho were wonderful, I loved them. Honestly, I wish there was more focus on them. Also, Baek In Ho and Hong Seol had such a great relationship / friendship, you could see and feel their natural and effortless connection. They should have been together. My disdain for Yoo Jung himself and his relationship with Hong Seol aside, this.
  7. To this day, Cheese in the Trap is one of my favorite dramas, despite the rushed and somewhat open-ended ending. So, when I heard Korea was making a movie based on the series (which was originally a webtoon), I was both excited and apprehensive. Trailer for the movie with English subtitles. It was released nearly a year ago, and since then I've been avoiding watching it, mostly because I was.

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Cheese in the Trap: Episode 1 by javabeans. Initial thoughts: I like it. I wasn't sure I would, given the excessive buzz and weighty expectations, which always seemed to me to be overblown, although maybe that's because I wasn't part of the webtoon's fervent fanbase Cheese in the Trap was a highly anticipated series that, while, being produced, gave rise to a cacophony of behind-the-scenes drama that escalated to such an extent that many now consider CITT one of the biggest disappointments of 2016. In light of that mess, my recommendation for enjoying this drama is to be as unfamiliar with the source material (the web-toon on which it's based) as possible Cheese in the Trap.. Baek In Ho & Hong Seol . Liz Yi Chen ft. Julius 06/16/18 . 116. 9 O amor é uma flor roxa que nasce no coração dos trouxas. Hoje quero falar sobre minha experiência com Cheese in the Trap. Faz um tempinho que comecei, já sabia por alto sobre a história, os personagens e os shipps.. Mas, não sabia, que iria sofrer tanto... Antes de começar fiz uma promessa para. Cheese in the Trap (hangul: 치즈 Eles começam uma relação embaraçosa que é ainda mais complicada pela chegada de Baek In-ho e sua irmã In-ha, amigos de infância de Jung. Elenco. Park Hae-jin como Yoo Jung [2] [3] Kim Go-eun como Hong Seol [4] [5] Seo Kang-joon como Baek In-ho [6] [7] Lee Sung-kyung como Baek In-ha [8] Nam Joo-hyuk como Kwon Eun-taek; Park Min-ji como Jang Bo-ra.

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Cheese in the Trap (Korean: 치즈 인 더 트랩) is a 2018 South Korean romance film starring Park Hae-jin, Oh Yeon-seo and Park Ki-woong, based on the Korean webtoon of the same name.It was released on March 14, 2018 Cheese in the Trap Hangul: 치즈 인 더 트랩 Director: Lee Yoon-Jung Selain kedua karakter utama itu, ada Baek In Ho (Seo Kang Jun) dan Baek In Ha (Lee Sung Kyung), dua kakak beradik yatim piatu yang punya masa lalu dengan Jung. Akibat dari masa lalu itu, hubungan mereka yang dulunya baik-baik saja, sekarang jadi berantakan. Dulu, Prof.Baek (kakek mereka)kenal baik dengan ayah Jung. Cheese In The Trap: Yoo Jung or Baek In Ho. Started by auggiebr , Mar 01 2016 12:54 AM. This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. 14 replies to this topic Poll: Cheese In The Trap: Yoo Jung or Baek In Ho (38 member(s) have cast votes) Which character do you like more? Yoo Jung (sunbae) (27 votes [71.05%]) Percentage of vote: 71.05%. Baek In Ho (11 votes [28.

Cheese in the Trap (First Impression) | Drama for RealCheese in the trap Wikia | FANDOM powered by WikiaManhwa/Webtoon Nedir? + Öneri – ANDROMELOJİSeo Kang Joon Talks About His “Cheese in the TrapKim Go Eun reveals her favorite scenes and her ideal typeCheese in the trap dizi tanıtımı | AsialogyK-Drama Review: &#39;Cheese in the Trap&#39;s Ending Has NetizensCheese in the Trap - AsianWikiCheese in the Trap | Wiki Drama | FANDOM powered by WikiaFilm &#39;Cheese in the Trap&#39; Rilis Poster Pemeran dan Versi

Jul 7, 2017 - Atrapados, cheese in the trap Hong seol, baek in Ho, yoo jun According to tvN, Taemin of SHINee will impersonate a popular character on drama Cheese in the Trap on SNL Korea 7. As the first guest for the new season, Taemin will take on the role of Baek.. Sinopsis Film Cheese in the Trap (2018) Lengkap Oleh IB16 Diposting pada Agustus 27, 2020 Agustus 27, 2020. Hong Seol (Oh Yeon-seo) mahasiswa biasa. Hong Seol sibuk bekerja paruh waktu untuk dapat membayar uang sekolah dan juga biaya hidup. Sementara Yoo Jung (Park Hae-jin) seniornya di universitas. Dia tampak sempurna yang berasal dari orang kaya dan memiliki sikap baik terhadap orang lain. Home; TV Shows; Cheese in the Trap; © 2020 by KINO99.All Rights Reserved. Powered by DooPlayDooPla Original soundtrack: Cheese in the Trap OST. Daftar Pemain Drama Cheese in the Trap. Park Hae Jin as Yoo Jung Park Min Sang as young Yoo Jung Kim Go Eun as Hong Seol Seo Kang Joon as Baek In Ho Yoo Je Gun as young Baek In Ho Lee Sung Kyung as Baek In Ha Lee Na Yoon as young Baek In Ha Nam Joo Hyuk as Kwon Eun Taek Park Min Ji as Jang Bo R

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